Icma S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of products destined for heating, cooling and sanitary systems for residential and industrial users. The company was established 40 years ago and now it sells its products in more than 50 countries. Since its establishment the aim of ICMA has been the use of high quality materials (all components and products are produced in Italy) and the investment in human resources. Its registered office and 4800 m2 warehouse is located in Cuggiono in Italy.
Most essential ICMA products in ARKA’s offer:

Safety valve is destined for heating, plumbing and water systems to control pressure in these systems. When the valve reaches maximum pressure set for a particular system, it opens by releasing air into the atmosphere to ensure that the pressure in the system does not reach a limit which would be dangerous to the generator and to the systems components.
The draught regulating valve modulates the air flow entering the boiler and controls the flame to keep the water at the desired temperature. Thus the valve limits the boiler overheats, improves the comfort of use and reduces the use of fuel.
Thermal release valve prevents overheating in thermal generators. Thanks to a wax sensor, at water temperatures above 95°, the valve opens to both release hot water and, at the same time, to let cold water flow into the boiler so that it continues to operate at a safe temperature. Once the water temperature in the boiler is back to normal, the valve closes automatically both the incoming and the discharge flows.
Anti-condensation valve is designed to protect solid fuel boilers from excessively low return temperatures, thus preventing condensation on the walls of the generator and the chimney, increasing the efficiency and lifetime of the system. Anti-condensation valve constantly and automatically regulates the fluid temperature returning to the boiler from a storage tank or a heating circuit.
The valves are available with the following setting temperatures: 45°C – 55°C – 60°C – 70°C.
The same range is available with male union connections (article 132) or female union connections (article 133).
It is possible to install our anti-condensation valves on all systems with solid fuel boilers with power up to 30 kW.